Pursuit Brigade

The Pursuit Brigade (Polish: Brygada Pościgowa) was a Polish World War II unit of the Polish Air Force. It took part in the Polish Defensive War of 1939 as the main aerial reserve of the commander in chief and was used for air cover of the Polish capital of Warsaw. It was similar in shape to the Bomber Brigade. It was composed of two squadrons, each in turn composed of a number of escadrilles.

By 1 September Pursuit Brigade had 43 PZL P.11 and 10 PZL P.7 fighters (Zaloga, p.34).

It was the most successful element of the Polish Air Force during the Defensive War. On 1 September, while defending Warsaw, it shot down 16 German planes, for a loss of 10 of its own fighters. It is credited with shooting down 42 German airplanes in the first 6 days of the war. By that time, however, it had lost 38 of its 54 fighters. On 6 September, it was transferred from the Warsaw theatre to Lublin (Zaloga, p.51-52).

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