Pumpkin Spice Spam

Pumpkin Spice Spam
TypePrecooked canned meat product
CourseMain course or ingredient
Place of originUS
Created byHormel Foods Corporation
Serving temperatureHot or cold
Main ingredientsPork with Ham, Sugar, Water, Salt, Spices
Food energy
(per 2 ounces (57 g) serving)
180 kcal (754 kJ)
Nutritional value
(per 2 ounces (57 g) serving)
Fat16 g

Pumpkin Spice Spam is a limited edition variety of Spam produced by Hormel Foods. It is set to be released online 23 September 2019, the first day of autumn that year.[1][2] The product was announced by Hormel Foods on 14 August 2019.[3] Spam is one of many brands to release pumpkin spice products for the autumn season, and is not the first meat product to be pumpkin spice flavored.[4][1]


In October 2017, Spam shared a picture of Pumpkin Spice Spam on their Facebook page and noted that it was not a real product they were selling.[5][6] The post went viral, and many Facebook users commented with interest in the fake product. Spam's official Facebook account responded that, "We think it's great that you'd like to see this product! Unfortunately this variety is only a joke, so it cannot be found anywhere." [7][8] Two years later, in August 2019, Spam announced they were producing a legitimate limited edition Pumpkin Spice product for the autumn season.[4][9]

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