Pierre Bergé

Pierre Bergé
Pierre Bergé - septembre 2012 (2).jpg
Bergé in 2012
Born(1930-11-14)14 November 1930
Saint-Pierre d'Oléron, France
Died8 September 2017(2017-09-08) (aged 86)
Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
Spouse(s)Madison Cox (m. 2017)
Partner(s)Yves Saint Laurent

Pierre Bergé (French: [pjɛːʁ bɛʁʒe]; 14 November 1930 – 8 September 2017) was a French award-winning industrialist and patron. He co-founded the fashion label Yves Saint Laurent, and was a longtime business partner (and onetime life partner) of the eponymous designer.[1]

Early life

Bergé was born in Oléron (Charente-Maritime) on 14 November 1930.[2] His mother, Christiane, was a progressive teacher, who used the Montessori method.[3] His father worked for the tax office.[3] Bergé attended the Lycée Eugène Fromentin in La Rochelle, and, later, went to Paris. On the day of his arrival, as he was walking on the Champs-Élysées, French poet Jacques Prévert landed on him following a fall from his apartment window.[4][5]

At the age of 18 in La Rochelle, I decided to leave my family. The day I arrived in Paris, I went for a walk on the Champs-Elysées when suddenly I saw a man go through a French window, fall through the air, grab at a store sign and crash at my feet. He was bleeding profusely. An ambulance arrived and took him to Marmottan hospital. The next day, I discovered in the newspapers that it had been Jacques Prévert. I have always considered it an omen that the same day I got to Paris, a poet fell on my head.

— Pierre Bergé

During his early years in Paris, Bergé met both Albert Camus and Sartre through his involvement in leftist organisations, including editing a short-lived leftist magazine.[6] Bergé also befriended and dated[7] the young French artist Bernard Buffet, and helped facilitate Buffet's success.[8][9]

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