Organisation Consul

Organisation Consul (O.C.) was an ultra-nationalist, antisemitic and anticommunist terrorist organization active in Germany from 1920 to 1922. It was formed by members of the Marinebrigade Ehrhardt, a Freikorps unit which disbanded after the Kapp Putsch failed to overthrow the German Weimar Republic in March 1920. It was responsible for the assassinations of the Republic's Minister of Finance Matthias Erzberger on 26 August 1921 and German-Jewish Foreign Minister Walther Rathenau on 24 June 1922. In response to Rathenau's murder, the "Law for the Protection of the Republic" (Republikschutzgesetz) was enacted by the Reichstag, resulting in the banning of the O.C. on 21 July 1922. The O.C. assassinated at least 354 people.


The O.C. was created in 1920 by Captain Hermann Ehrhardt and some of his followers in the Marinebrigade Ehrhardt. They had been hiding out in Bavaria following the forced disbandment of Freikorps organizations after the Kapp Putsch of March 1920. His fighters had formed the Association of Former Ehrhardt Officers which then became the O.C.[1] The founders used Freikorps contacts to recruit members in dozens of cities and small towns all over Germany. Eventually it came to have districts encompassing large swathes of the nation.[2] They were particularly active in Berlin, where many of their crimes were committed. The O.C. had about 5,000 personnel.[3]