Operation Mameluke Thrust

  • operation mameluke thrust
    part of vietnam war
    date19 may - 23 october 1968
    happy valley, quảng nam province, south vietnam

    15°51′n 108°12′e / 15°51′n 108°12′e / 15.85; 108.2
    result us operational success
     united states  north vietnam
    commanders and leaders
    mg donn j. robertson
    mg carl a. youngdale


    1st marine division

    • 7th marine regiment
    • 3rd battalion 5th marines

    5th marine division

    • 26th marine regiment

    9th cavalry regiment

    • a troop, 1st squadron

    308th division

    • 36th regiment
    casualties and losses
    269 killed us body count: 2728 killed
    47 captured

    operation mameluke thrust was a us marine corps operation that took place in happy valley southwest of danang, lasting from 19 may to 23 october 1968.

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Operation Mameluke Thrust
Part of Vietnam War
Date19 May - 23 October 1968
15°51′N 108°12′E / 15°51′N 108°12′E / 15.85; 108.2
Result US operational success
 United States  North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
MG Donn J. Robertson
MG Carl A. Youngdale


1st Marine Division

5th Marine Division

9th Cavalry Regiment

  • A Troop, 1st Squadron

308th Division

  • 36th Regiment
Casualties and losses
269 killed US body count: 2728 killed
47 captured

Operation Mameluke Thrust was a US Marine Corps operation that took place in Happy Valley southwest of Danang, lasting from 19 May to 23 October 1968.

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