Operation Mameluke Thrust

Operation Mameluke Thrust
Part of Vietnam War
Date19 May - 23 October 1968
15°51′N 108°12′E / 15°51′N 108°12′E / 15.85; 108.2
ResultUS operational success
 United States North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
MG Donn J. Robertson
MG Carl A. Youngdale

1st Marine Division

5th Marine Division

9th Cavalry Regiment

  • A Troop, 1st Squadron

308th Division

  • 36th Regiment
Casualties and losses
269 killedUS body count: 2728 killed
47 captured

Operation Mameluke Thrust was a US Marine Corps operation that took place in Happy Valley southwest of Danang, lasting from 19 May to 23 October 1968.


On 9 May the 1st Marine Division commander MG Donn J. Robertson was ordered to conduct a spoiling attack into the valleys west of Danang and around Thường Ðức Camp. The loss of Kham Duc on 12 May raised the concern that the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) would next seek to overrun Thường Ðức. PAVN units in the area were believed to include the 31st Regiment, 341st Division and the 368B Rocket Regiment.[1]:338

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