Operation Kentucky

Operation Kentucky
Part of Vietnam War
DateNovember 1, 1967 – February 28, 1969
ResultUS tactical victory
United States United States
 South Vietnam
North Vietnam North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
Robert E. Cushman, Jr.
Col Richard B. Smith
2nd Battalion, 1st Marines
3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines
1st Battalion, 4th Marines
2nd Battalion, 4th Marines
3rd Battalion, 4th Marines
2nd Battalion, 9th Marines
2nd Battalion, 12th Marines
South Vietnam Units from Rangers and Marine Division
320 Division
803d Regiment, 324B Division
Casualties and losses
US: 520 killedUS body count: 3,839 killed
117 captured

Operation Kentucky was a multi-battalion operation conducted by the United States Marine Corps in the area south of the DMZ in Quảng Trị Province. This was another operation to secure the Con Thien area from the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN). The operation ran from 1 November 1967 until 28 February 1969.


Following the conclusion of Operation Kingfisher, 3rd Marine Division split the Kingfisher tactical area of responsibility (TAOR) in two. The new Kentucky TAOR which included Firebase Gio Linh, Con Thien, Cam Lộ Combat Base and Đông Hà Combat Base (the area known to Marines as Leatherneck Square) was under the control of the 9th Marines, while to the west the Operation Lancaster TAOR covered Camp Carroll, The Rockpile and Ca Lu Combat Base was under the control of 3rd Marines.[1]:142

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