Operation Francis Marion

Operation Francis Marion
Part of Vietnam War
Operation Francis Marion 6 April - 11 October 1967.jpg
Operation Francis Marion, 6 April - 11 October 1967
Date6 April – 11 October 1967
 United States
 South Vietnam
 North Vietnam
Commanders and leaders
United States MG William R. Peersunknown
Units involved
United States4th Infantry Division
United States173rd Airborne Brigade
South Vietnam 42nd Regiment
32nd Regiment
66th Regiment
95B Regiment
174th Regiment
K101D Battalion
Unknown8,000 (US estimate)
Casualties and losses
United States 300 killed
South Vietnam 100 killed
US body count: 1,530 killed [1]
297 Individual Weapons, 62 Crew-Served Weapons Found

Operation Francis Marion was a 4th Infantry Division and 173rd Airborne Brigade operation that took place in Pleiku, Darlac and the Kon Tum Provinces, lasting from 6 April to 11 October 1967.[2]:287


The operation was a continuation of the recently concluded Operation Sam Houston in the same general area. 4th Infantry Division commander MG William R. Peers planned a defense in depth against People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) incursions from Base Areas 701 and 702 across the Cambodian border.[2]:290

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