King Oenomaus, Hippodamia, and Olympian gods. Illustration from an ancient vase.

In Greek mythology, King Oenomaus (also Oenamaus; Greek: Οἱνόμαος, Oἱnómaos) of Pisa,[1] the father of Hippodamia and the son of Ares. His name Oinomaos signifies him as a wine man.


Oenomaeus' mother was either naiad Harpina (daughter of the river god Phliasian Asopus, the armed (harpe)[2] spirit of a spring near Pisa)[3] or by Sterope, one of the Pleiades,[4] whom some identify as his consort instead.[5]

He married, if not Sterope, then Evarete of Argos, the daughter of Acrisius and Eurydice. Yet others give Eurythoe, daughter of Danaus, either as his mother[6] or consort.[7] His children besides Hippodamia were Leucippus (who perished because of his love for Daphne) and Alcippe (mother of Marpessa by Evenus). Pausanias, who is generally skeptical about stories of humans descending from gods, makes Oenomaus son of a mortal father, Alxion.[8] John Tzetzes adduces a version which, in the same vein, calls Oenomaus son of a Hyperochus by Sterope.[9] The genealogy offered in the earliest literary reference, Euripides' Iphigenia in Tauris, would place him two generations before the Trojan War, making him the great-grandfather of the Atreides, Agamemnon and Menelaus.

Comparative table of Oenomaus' family
Relation Names Sources
Euripides Scholia on Apollonius Diodorus Parthenius Apollodorus Plutarch Dio Chrysostom Hyginus Pausanias Philostratus Eusebius Tzetzes
Parentage Ares and Eurythoe
Ares and Harpina
Ares and (A)sterope
Ares and Asterie
Hyperochus and Sterope
Spouse Sterope
Children Hippodamia √ (not named)
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