Oaths of Strasbourg

Oaths of Strasbourg
(multiple texts)
Sacramenta Argentariae (pars longa).png
Text of the Oaths
Also known asSacramenta Argentariae (in Latin)
les serments de Strasbourg (in French)
die Straßburger Eide (in German)
LanguageMedieval Latin
Old French
Old High German
Manuscript(s)include BNF, Cod. Lat. 9768 (Nithard's De dissensionibus filiorum Ludovici pii)
Subjectpledges of allegiance and cooperation between Louis the German and Charles the Bald, rulers of East and West Francia respectively

The Oaths of Strasbourg (Latin: Sacramenta Argentariae; French: Les Serments de Strasbourg; German: Die Straßburger Eide) were mutual pledges of allegiance between Louis the German (†876), ruler of East Francia, and his half-brother Charles the Bald (†877), ruler of West Francia made on 12 February 842.[1] They are written in three different languages: Medieval Latin, Old Gallo-Romance and Old High German, all in Caroline minuscule.[2] The Romance passages are generally considered to be the earliest texts in a language that is distinctly Gallo-Romance.

Historical context

The several pledges were spoken at a strategic meeting on 12 February 842 at Strasbourg, with the brothers' assembled armies in attendance and participating in the ceremonies. In addition to their promised allegiance to each other, Louis and Charles pledged their solidarity to oppose their eldest brother Lothair, ruler of Middle Francia and, nominally, emperor of all the Carolingian Empire Frankish kingdoms as well as Holy Roman Emperor. Louis spoke his oath in the Romance language of Charles' realm, while Charles spoke his oath in lingua teudisca, Germanic, of Louis' realm.[3]

The historical nature of the meeting is made more remarkable by the additional, separate pledges that were scripted for the monarchs' armies – in their respective vernaculars – to the effect that, for each "soldier": should their own lord-king unilaterally break the oath just pledged (to the other king), then, each "soldier of the oath" promises not to help his master against the abused other monarch.

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