Nuba Mountains

Nuba Mountains
جبال النوبة
Jabal an-Nūbā
The Nuba Mountains
Highest point
Elevation1,325 m (4,347 ft)
Coordinates12°1′N 31°6′E / 12°1′N 31°6′E / 12.017; 31.100
Length145 km (90 mi)
Width64 km (40 mi)
Nuba Mountains is located in Africa
Nuba Mountains
Location in Africa
CountrySudan, South Sudan
State/ProvinceSouth Kordofan
Map of Sudan (after 2011). The Nuba Mountains are labeled in Southern Kordofan

The Nuba Mountains, also referred to as the Nuba Hills (Arabic: جبال النوبة‎), is an area located in South Kordofan, Sudan. The area is home to a group of indigenous ethnic groups known collectively as the Nuba peoples. In the middle ages, the Nuba mountains probably had been part of the Nubian kingdom of Alodia.[1] In the 18th century, they became home to the kingdom of Taqali that controlled the hills of the mountains until their defeat by Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad. After the Mahdi's defeat by the British, Taqali was restored as a client state. Infiltration of the Messiria tribe of Baggara Arabs has been influential in modern conflicts.


The mountains cover an area roughly 64 km wide by 145 km long (40 by 90 miles), and are 450 to 900 metres (1,500 to 3,000 feet) higher in elevation than the surrounding plain. The mountains stretch for some 48,000 square kilometres (19,000 square miles).[2] The climate is semi-arid with under 800 mm of rain per year on average, but lush and green compared with most nearby areas. There are almost no roads in the Nuba Mountains; most villages there are connected by ancient paths that cannot be reached by motor vehicle. The rainy season extends from mid-May to mid-October, and annual rainfall ranges from 400 to 800 millimetres (16.4 to 32.8 in), allowing grazing and seasonal rain-fed agriculture.

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