Norman language

  • norman
    native to
    • normandy (cotentin peninsula and pays de caux)
    • jersey, guernsey, sark

    previously used:

    • alderney, herm
    • england (see norman england)
    • ireland (see: norman ireland)
    • canada (formerly used to a certain degree in eastern canada and quebec)
    • kingdom of sicily (used in a limited degree)
    • principality of antioch
    regionnormandy and the channel islands
    native speakers
    unknown due to conflicting definitions (2017)
    • auregnais: 0 (extinct)[1]
    • guernésiais: c. 1,300 (has government support)
    • jèrriais: c. 4,000 (has government support)[1]
    • sercquiais: < 20 in 1998 (highly endangered)[1]
    • augeron: < 100 (highly endangered)
    • cauchois: c. 50,000 (has local support)
    • cotentinais: c. 50,000 (has local support)
    language family
    • italic
      • romance
        • western
          • gallo-romance
            • oïl
              • norman
    early form
    old norman
    • auregnais
    • guernésiais
    • jèrriais
    • sercquiais
    • augeron
    • cauchois
    • cotentinais
    writing system
    latin (french orthography)
    language codes
    iso 639-3nrf (partial: guernésiais & jèrriais)
    norm1245  normand[2]
    linguasphere51-aaa-hc & 51-aaa-hd
    langue normande.png
    areas where the norman language is strongest include jersey, guernsey, the cotentin and the pays de caux.

    norman (normaund, french: normand, guernésiais: normand, jèrriais: nouormand) is a romance language which can be classified as one of the oïl languages along with french, picard and walloon. the name norman-french is sometimes used to describe not only the norman language, but also the administrative languages of anglo-norman and law french used in england. for the most part, the written forms of norman and modern french are mutually intelligible. this intelligibility was largely caused by the norman language's planned adaptation to french orthography.

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Native to

Previously used:

RegionNormandy and the Channel Islands
Native speakers
Unknown due to conflicting definitions (2017)
Early form
Latin (French orthography)
Language codes
ISO 639-3nrf (partial: Guernésiais & Jèrriais)
norm1245  Normand[2]
Linguasphere51-AAA-hc & 51-AAA-hd
Langue normande.png
Areas where the Norman language is strongest include Jersey, Guernsey, the Cotentin and the Pays de Caux.

Norman (Normaund, French: Normand, Guernésiais: Normand, Jèrriais: Nouormand) is a Romance language which can be classified as one of the Oïl languages along with French, Picard and Walloon. The name Norman-French is sometimes used to describe not only the Norman language, but also the administrative languages of Anglo-Norman and Law French used in England. For the most part, the written forms of Norman and modern French are mutually intelligible. This intelligibility was largely caused by the Norman language's planned adaptation to French orthography.

Other Languages
Afrikaans: Normandies
አማርኛ: ኖርማንኛ
aragonés: Idioma normando
arpetan: Normand
asturianu: Normandu
Bân-lâm-gú: Norman-gí
беларуская: Нармандская мова
беларуская (тарашкевіца)‎: Нармандзкая мова
brezhoneg: Normaneg
català: Normand
Чӑвашла: Норман чĕлхи
español: Idioma normando
Esperanto: Normanda lingvo
euskara: Normandiera
français: Normand
Frysk: Normandysk
Gaelg: Normanish
客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî: Norman-ngî
한국어: 노르만어
Bahasa Indonesia: Bahasa Norman
italiano: Lingua normanna
kernowek: Normanek
lietuvių: Normandų kalba
Limburgs: Normandisch
lumbaart: Lengua nurmana
македонски: Нормандски јазик
Nederlands: Normandisch
Nedersaksies: Normandies
日本語: ノルマン語
norsk: Normannisk
norsk nynorsk: Normannisk
Nouormand: Normaund
occitan: Normand
پنجابی: نارمن بولی
Picard: Neurmind
Piemontèis: Lenga normanda
Plattdüütsch: Normand
português: Língua normanda
română: Limba normandă
Simple English: Norman language
svenska: Normandiska
Tagalog: Wikang Norman
татарча/tatarça: Норманд теле
Türkçe: Normanca
українська: Нормандська мова
ئۇيغۇرچە / Uyghurche: نورمان تىلى
Tiếng Việt: Tiếng Norman
吴语: 諾曼語
粵語: 諾曼文
žemaitėška: Nuormandu kalba
中文: 諾曼語