Nakhon Ratchasima shooting

Nakhon Ratchasima shooting
Locations of Surathamphithak Military Camp (1), Wat Pa Sattha Ruam (2) and Terminal 21 Korat (3), in Nakhon Ratchasima Province
LocationNakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
Date8–9 February 2020
15:30 – 09:13 (ICT; UTC+07:00)
Attack type
Hostage-taking, mass shooting, spree killing
Deaths30 (including the perpetrator)[1]
PerpetratorJakrapanth Thomma
MotiveBusiness conflict between perpetrator and his commander[2]

A mass shooting occurred near and in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, colloquially known as Korat, between 8 and 9 February 2020. A soldier of the Royal Thai Army killed 29 people and wounded 58 others before he was eventually shot and killed.[3]

The attack began when the perpetrator shot and killed his commanding officer and two others at Surathamphithak Military Camp (ค่ายสุรธรรมพิทักษ์), the base where he was stationed. The perpetrator then stole military weapons and a Humvee and drove to the Terminal 21 Korat shopping mall, which had a large number of shoppers due to the public holiday Magha Puja, where he opened fire on shoppers. On the way he also fired at several people on the road and at Wat Pa Sattha Ruam, a Buddhist temple.[4] During the attack, the perpetrator posted updates and shared a live stream on his Facebook account.[3] It is the deadliest mass shooting in Thailand's history.[5]


House and Surathamphithak Military Camp

The shooting began at about 15:30 local time on 8 February 2020 at a house, where the gunman arrived to discuss a property dispute with his commander, Colonel Anantharot Krasae. The gunman confronted him, stole his weapon and shot him dead. He then shot and killed the commander's mother-in-law.[6] Afterwards, the gunman went to the Surathamphitak army base where he worked and raided the camp, stealing from a guard post and the camp armories two Type 11 assault rifles (a variant of the HK33), an M60 machine gun and 776 rounds of ammunition,[7] killing a soldier in the process. He then stole a Humvee and wounded the driver. The gunman escaped the base and opened fire on two police officers and two civilians, wounding them. The officers sustained multiple gunshot wounds in their legs and backs.[8]

Buddhist temple and Terminal 21 Korat Shopping Mall

After escaping, the gunman started shooting in the street: he stopped outside Wat Pa Sattha Ruam, a Buddhist temple and killed eight civilians and a police officer.[8] He then arrived at the Terminal 21 Korat shopping mall in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima, where he left the vehicle and began shooting indiscriminately at people outside the mall, before detonating a cooking-gas cylinder, killing 12 civilians. He then entered the mall, killing two people and taking sixteen hostages inside the mall on the fourth floor. The gunman live-streamed on Facebook Live during the siege and shared photos and memes on his profile page, although his account was eventually taken down by Facebook.[8][3][9]

Police officers and soldiers stormed the mall and demanded the gunman's surrender, to which he responded by opening fire, killing two policemen and a soldier and wounding at least three others. He remained inside for several hours, during which his mother was brought by authorities to try to convince him to surrender.[10]

On 9 February, at 09:13 local time, police announced that they had shot and killed the gunman.[11]

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