Mosinoeci (lower centre) in a map of the voyage of the Argonauts by Abraham Ortelius, 1624

Mossynoeci (Georgian: მოსინიკები mosinik’ebi, Greek: Μοσσύνοικοι, Mossynoikoi "dwellers in wooden towers") is a name that the Greeks of the Euxine Sea (Black Sea) applied to the peoples of Pontus, the northern Anatolian coast west of Trebizond.


Writing soon after 430 BCE, Herodotus in Book 3 cites the Mossynoeci, along with the Moschoi, Tibareni, the Macrones and Marres as comprising the 19th satrapy established by Darius of Persia. The satrapy as a whole was to yield three hundred talents.

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