Skyline of Maschwanden
Coat of arms of Maschwanden
Coat of arms
Location of Maschwanden
Maschwanden is located in Switzerland
Maschwanden is located in Canton of Zurich
Coordinates: 47°14′N 8°26′E / 47°14′N 8°26′E / 47.233; 8.433

Maschwanden is a village in the district of Affoltern in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland.


Maschwanden is first mentioned in 1189 as Maswondon.[3] The Baron of Eschenbach owned a castle and the village, near the current municipality, at that time. However, in 1308 Walter von Eschenbach was present at the regicide of King Albert I of Germany near Windisch. In response to the murder, in 1309 the castle and village were both destroyed and never rebuilt. The ruins were located on a hill south-west of the modern village, which mostly consisted of gravel and was carried off during the 19th and 20th century.[4]

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