Marquis of Haihun

Liu He
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Personal stamp of Liu He
Emperor of the Han Dynasty
Reign18 July – 14 August 74 BC
PredecessorEmperor Zhao
SuccessorEmperor Xuan
King of Changyi
Reign88–74 BC
PredecessorLiu Bo
Marquis of Haihun
Reign63–59 BC
Bornc. 92 BC
Changyi, Han Empire
Died59 BC (aged 33)
Haihun County, Yuzhang Commandery, Han Empire
Full name
Liu He 劉賀
Era dates
Yuanping (元平)
Posthumous name
HouseHan dynasty
FatherLiu Bo, Prince Ai of Changyi

Liu He (Chinese: 劉賀; pinyin: Liú Hè; c.92- 59 BC) was an emperor of the Chinese Han dynasty with the era name Yuanping (Chinese: 元平; pinyin: Yuánpíng). Originally King (or Prince) of Changyi (Chinese: 昌邑王; pinyin: Chāngyì Wáng), he was installed by the powerful minister Huo Guang as emperor in 74 BC, but deposed only 27 days later, and omitted from the official list of emperors. He lost his original kingdom of Changyi and was demoted to the rank of marquis. He was given the new fief of Haihun in modern Jiangxi Province, and therefore became known as the Marquis of Haihun (Chinese: 海昏侯).

Background and career as King of Changyi

It is not known when Liu He was born, although it is thought to have been around 92 BC. His grandmother was Lady Li, a favoured concubine of Emperor Wu of Han. His father, Liu Bo (劉髆), King Ai (i.e., the lamented) of Changyi died in 88 BC, and he inherited his father's kingdom in 86 BC. (Historical records imply that he was a toddler at that time.) Liu Bo was a son of Emperor Wu. After Emperor Wu's crown prince Liu Ju committed suicide in 91 BC, Liu Bo was among the candidates for the title of crown prince; the title ultimately went to young Liu Fuling, who succeeded Emperor Wu as Emperor Zhao of Han.

There are issues in gaining an accurate picture of Liu He and his life as King of Changyi because it is based on material written about him after he was deposed, and may very well be biased and/or fabricated.

In his teenage years, the mayor of the kingdom's capital, Wang Ji (王吉), offered honest criticism of Liu He's inappropriate behaviour, urging him to be more studious and humble. Liu He appreciated Wang's report and rewarded him, but did not change his ways. Similarly, when Liu He associated with people of ill reputation who engaged in vulgarity and wasteful spending, the commander of his guards, Gong Sui (龔遂) begged him to change his ways, and Liu He agreed, but soon after dismissed the guards that Gong had recommended and brought his previous companions back. Gong could do nothing about it.

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