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Regine Velasquez
Regine Velasquez

Filipino singer Regine Velasquez has recorded more than 300 songs for her seventeen studio albums and other official releases. She rose to prominence with the release of her debut album Regine in 1987. The record contained eight original songs and spawned the singles "Kung Maibabalik Ko Lang", "Urong Sulong" and "Isang Lahi". In 1994, she signed with Polygram and released her fifth studio album—Listen Without Prejudice—that established her commercial music career in Southeast and East Asia. As executive producer, she released her tenth studio album, R2K, in November 1999. The record became the best-selling album by a solo female artist in the Philippines. The singer has released a string of covers albums, including Covers. Vol 1 (2004), Covers, Vol. 2 (2006), Low Key (2008) and Fantasy (2010). In addition to her music career, Velasquez has also starred in films and recorded songs for nine soundtrack albums. (Full list...)

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Apple Bandai Pippin

The Apple Bandai Pippin is a multimedia technology console designed by Apple Computer based on the Apple Pippin platform, and produced by Bandai. Only 100,000 of the consoles were produced between its 1996 release and 1997 discontinuation. The Bandai Pippin was intended to create an inexpensive computer aimed mostly at playing CD-based multimedia software, especially games, but also functioning as a thin client.

Photograph: Evan Amos

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