Macrosiphum rosae

Rose aphid
Macrosiphum rosae auf Rosenknospe.jpg
Macrosiphum rosae on a rose bud
Scientific classification e
Species:M. rosae
Binomial name
Macrosiphum rosae

Macrosiphum rosae, the rose aphid, is a species of sap-sucking insect in the family Aphididae.[1][2] It infests rosebushes as its main host in spring and early summer, congregating on the tips of shoots and around new buds. Later in the summer, winged forms move to other rose bushes, or to a limited number of secondary hosts, before returning to rosebushes to lay eggs in the autumn.


Wingless adults have a spindle-shaped body and are between 1.7 and 3.6 mm (0.07 and 0.14 in) long, slender, varying in colour from green to pink and reddish-brown. The antennae and legs are relatively long, and the cauda (tail-like protrusion) is pale. The siphunculi (pair of small backward-pointing tubes on the abdomen) are long, tapered and black, which distinguishes this aphid from Metopolophium dirhodum, the rose-grain aphid, which has pale siphunculi.[3] Winged individuals are between 2.2 and 3.4 mm (0.09 and 0.13 in) in length, varying from green to pinkish-brown, and having distinctive black lateral markings.[3]

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