Lyttelton by-election, 1933

Lyttelton by-election, 1933

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The Lyttelton seat in the House of Representatives.
Election by simple majority using first-past-the-post voting.
 Elizabeth McCombs 1933.jpgFrederick W. Freeman.jpg
CandidateElizabeth McCombsFrederick W. Freeman
Popular vote6,3443,675

Member before election

James McCombs

Elected Member

Elizabeth McCombs

The Lyttelton by-election of 1933 was a by-election held during the 24th New Zealand Parliament in the Christchurch electorate of Lyttelton. It is notable for being won by Elizabeth McCombs of the New Zealand Labour Party, who became the first woman to be elected to the New Zealand Parliament. This by-election was therefore seen as a milestone in Women's suffrage in New Zealand.

Cause of by-election

This by-election came about because of the death of James McCombs who was Elizabeth McCombs's husband. He had held the electorate of Lyttelton since he won it in the Lyttelton by-election of 1913.[1] He was therefore one of the earliest members of the Labour party to hold an electorate. He died of a heart attack on 2 August 1933.[2]

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