Lucasian Professor of Mathematics

The Lucasian Chair of Mathematics (n/) is a mathematics professorship in the University of Cambridge, England; its holder is known as the Lucasian Professor. The post was founded in 1663 by Henry Lucas, who was Cambridge University's Member of Parliament from 1639–1640; and it was officially established by King Charles II on 18 January 1664. It was described by The Daily Telegraph as one of the most prestigious academic posts in the world[1] and its former holders include Isaac Newton, Joseph Larmor, Charles Babbage, George Stokes, Paul Dirac and Stephen Hawking.

History of the Chair

Lucas, in his will, bequeathed his library of 4,000 volumes to the university and left instruction for the purchase of land whose yielding should provide £100 a year for the founding of a professorship.[2]

The current and 19th Lucasian Professor is Michael Cates, starting from 1 July 2015.[3] The previous holder of the post was theoretical physicist Michael Green who was a fellow in Clare Hall. He was appointed in October 2009,[4] succeeding Stephen Hawking, who himself retired in September 2009, in the year of his 67th birthday, as required by the University.[5] Green holds the position of Emeritus Lucasian Professor of Mathematics.

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