Lower Swan Bridge

Lower Swan Bridge

Нижний Лебяжий мост
Nizhnij lebjazhij bridge 1.JPG
Coordinates59°56′29″N 030°20′09″E / 59°56′29″N 030°20′09″E / 59.94139; 30.33583
CrossesSwan Canal

Lower Swan Bridge (Russian: Нижний Лебяжий мост) is a single-span stone bridge in Saint Petersburg crossing the Swan Canal at its junction with the Moyka River.

The bridge is one of two which cross the Swan Canal, the other being the Upper Swan Bridge at the canal's northern end, at the confluence with the Neva River. The site of the Lower Swan Bridge was originally occupied by a wooden drawbridge built to the design of Harmen van Bol'es in the 1730s, replaced by a fixed bridge by 1760, and for a time known as the First Tsaritsyn Bridge, after the Tsaritsyn Meadow, now the Field of Mars. The wooden bridge was replaced with a stone one in the 1830s, but the speed of its construction led to significant problems, with the vaulting in danger of collapse. Numerous repairs and renovations have taken place over the bridge's existence, before finally being given a degree of stability after work in the 1920s, which retained the original appearance. Further restoration took place in 2002. Today the bridge links the Field of Mars with the Summer Garden at the Swan Canal's junction with the Moyka, close to the Mikhailovsky Castle.

Location and design

The Lower Swan Bridge is in Dvortsovy Municipal Okrug, part of the Tsentralny District of the city. It crosses the Swan Canal, one of the city's oldest,[1] at the point at which the canal joins the Moyka River, connecting the areas of the Field of Mars to the west and the Summer Garden to the east.[2] It comprises a single-span arched stone construction 23.9 m (78 ft) long and 19.9 m (65 ft) wide, and carries both foot and vehicle traffic.[2][3] It is one of two bridges that currently span the Swan Canal, the other being the Upper Swan Bridge at the northern end of the canal at its juncture with the Neva River.[1]