Lotte World

Lotte World
LocationSincheon-dong, Seoul, South Korea
Coordinates37°31′N 127°06′E / 37°31′N 127°06′E / 37.51; 127.10
Themeindoor planet ride[1]
OwnerLotte Corporation
OpenedJuly 12, 1989 (1989-07-12)
Operating seasonYear-round
Visitors per annum7.3 million[2]
Area128,246 m2 (1,380,430 sq ft)
Image of a bird's eye view in Lotte World (Lotte Land) in Seoul, South Korea
Lotte World
Revised RomanizationLotdewoldeu

Lotte World is a major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea. It consists of the world's largest indoor theme park,[3] an outdoor amusement park called "Magic Island", an artificial island inside a lake linked by monorail, shopping malls, a luxury hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities, and movie theaters. Opened on July 12, 1989, Lotte World receives 7.3 million visitors each year.[2]

General information

Lotte World is located in Sincheon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is made up of two main sections, the outdoor amusement park Magic Island,[4] and Adventure (indoor).[5]

Lotte World is open all year long without any holiday closings and has operating hours of 9 am to 11 pm.[6]

Ticket fee


teenager child baby(under 48month)
1Day 55,000won 48,000won 44,000won 14,000won
After4 44,000won 38,000won 34,000won 14,000won
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