Liu Bian

Liu Bian
Emperor of the Han dynasty
Reign15 May – 28 September 189
PredecessorEmperor Ling of Han
SuccessorEmperor Xian of Han
RegentHe Jin
Dong Zhuo
Prince of Hongnong (弘農王)
Tenure28 September 189 - 6 March 190
Died6 March 190 (aged 13–14)
SpouseLady Tang
Full name
Family name: Liu (劉)
Given name: Bian (辯)
Posthumous name
Prince Huai of Hongnong (弘農懷王)
HouseHan dynasty
FatherEmperor Ling of Han
MotherEmpress He
Liu Bian
Traditional Chinese劉辯
Simplified Chinese刘辩
Prince of Hongnong
Traditional Chinese弘農王
Simplified Chinese弘农王
Emperor Shao of Han
Traditional Chinese漢少帝
Simplified Chinese汉少帝

Liu Bian (176[a] – 6 March 190), also known as Emperor Shao of Han and the Prince of Hongnong, was the 13th emperor of the Eastern Han dynasty in China. He became emperor around the age of 13 upon the death of his father, Emperor Ling, and ruled briefly from 15 May to 28 September 189 before he was deposed, after which he became known as the "Prince of Hongnong". His emperor title, "Emperor Shao" (literally "young emperor"), was also used by other emperors who were in power for very short periods of time. In 190, he was poisoned to death by Dong Zhuo, the warlord who deposed him and replaced him with his younger half-brother, Liu Xie (Emperor Xian).

Family background

Liu Bian was born in 176 to Liu Hong (Emperor Ling) and one of his consorts, Lady He. At the time of his birth, he was Emperor Ling's only son because the emperor's other sons who were born before Liu Bian died prematurely. As Emperor Ling believed that he lost his previous sons due to bad luck, he ordered Shi Zimiao (史子眇), a Taoist, to raise his newborn son; Liu Bian was given the title "Marquis Shi" (史侯).[1][2] Liu Bian's mother, Lady He, became empress in 180.[3] In 181, another of Emperor Ling's consorts, Beautiful Lady Wang (王美人), gave birth to a son, Liu Xie. Empress He, in her jealousy, had Beautiful Lady Wang poisoned to death. The motherless Liu Xie was raised by his grandmother, Empress Dowager Dong, and given the title "Marquis Dong" (董侯).[4]

When his subjects asked him to name one of his sons as crown prince, Emperor Ling had a dilemma between Liu Bian and Liu Xie, his only two surviving sons. He felt that Liu Bian was unfit to be emperor because he was frivolous and unable to command respect, so he preferred Liu Xie. However, he was also worried that if he chose Liu Xie, Empress He would turn to her half-brother, He Jin, for help. He Jin held the position of General-in-Chief (大將軍) and was a highly influential figure in the imperial court. He ultimately did not name either of his sons as crown prince.[5]

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