List of presidents of departmental councils (France)

In France, the President of the Departmental Council (French: Président du Conseil départemental) is the locally elected head of the Departmental Council, the assembly governing a departments in France. The position is elected by the departmental councilors from among their number. If there is a tie, the senior councilor is elected.

The President of the Departmental Council wields police powers. Responsibilities include:

  • Chairing the departmental authorities
  • Preparing and implementing the council's decisions
  • Collecting and spending monies
  • Representing the département in legal cases


In 1871, a law was enacted that gave each canton (subdivision of a department) representation of a councillor (Conseiller général).

As a result of the decentralization of government the election criteria were redefined in 1982 and the President of the Departmental Council took over executive powers from the centrally-appointed prefect.

Women Presidents