List of colonial Governors and Presidents of Madras

This is a list of the Governors, Agents, and Presidents of colonial Madras, initially of the English East India Company, up to the end of British colonial rule in 1947.

English Agents

In 1639, the grant of Madras to the English was finalized between the factors of the Masulipatnam factory, represented by Francis Day, and the Raja of Chandragiri. In 1640, Andrew Cogan, the chief of the Masulipatnam factory, made his way to Madras in the company of Francis Day and the English and Indian employees of the Masulipatnam factory. The Agency of Madras was established on 1 March 1640 and Cogan was made the first Agent. The official title was 'Governor of Fort St George' and the Governor was usually referred to as Agent. Cogan served in the post for three years and was succeeded by Francis Day. After four agents had served their terms, Madras was upgraded to a Presidency during the time of Aaron Baker. However financial considerations forced the Company to revert to an agency soon after Aaron Baker had served his term. The Agency survived until 1684 when Madras was made a Presidency once and for all. Streynsham Master is the best remembered and most renowned of the Agents of Madras.

Name Took office Left office
Andrew Cogan 1 March 1640 1643
Francis Day 1643 1644
Thomas Ivie 1644 1648
Thomas Greenhill 1648 1652
Aaron Baker (President) 1652 1655
Thomas Greenhill 1655 1658
Sir Thomas Chambers 1658 1661
Sir Edward Winter 1661 August 1665
George Foxcroft August 1665 16 September 1665
Sir Edward Winter (second term) 16 September 1665 22 August 1668
George Foxcroft (second term) 22 August 1668 January 1670
Sir William Langhorne, 1st Baronet January 1670 27 January 1678
Streynsham Master 27 January 1678 3 July 1681
William Gyfford 3 July 1681 8 August 1684