List of England Test cricket records

Alastair Cook in 2016
Former captain Alastair Cook, pictured in 2016, holds several England Test cricket records.

Test cricket is the oldest form of cricket played at international level.[1] A Test match is scheduled to take place over a period of five days,[a][b] and is played by teams representing full member nations of the International Cricket Council (ICC).[5][6] England was a founding member of the ICC, having played the first Test match against Australia in March 1877 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.[7] They have played a total of 1,010 matches, the most by any Test playing team.[8] As of February 2019, England is the third most successful team in Test cricket with an overall winning percentage of 36.13, behind Australia on 47.07 and South Africa on 38.05.[8]

Opening batsman and former captain Alastair Cook holds several England Test cricket records. Playing between 2006 and 2018, he scored 12,472 runs, making him the only England player to score 10,000 Test runs.[9] He scored a record 57 half-centuries and 33 centuries.[10][11] As a slip fielder, Cook has also taken the most catches for England with 175[12] and holds the England record for the most catches taken in Test series with 13.[13] Captaining his side from 2010 until he stood down in 2016, Cook holds the record for the most matches played as English skipper with 59, the Test record for the most consecutive matches played with 159 and the record for the most matches played for England with 161.[14][15][16]

The most prolific Test wicket-taker for England is James Anderson.[17] Making his debut in 2003, he has taken a total of 575 wickets throughout his 148-match career, as of February 2019 – the most by a fast bowler in Test cricket.[18] He has also achieved 27 five-wicket hauls in an innings, equal best with Ian Botham.[19] The record for the most ten-wicket hauls for England is held by Sydney Barnes with seven, who also holds the Test cricket record for the most wickets taken in a series with 49 during the English tour of South Africa in 1913–14.[20][21] Alan Knott is England's most successful wicket-keeper having taken 269 dismissals.[22] England claims two age records, James Southerton as the oldest player to make his Test debut at 49 and Wilfred Rhodes aged 52 as the oldest cricketer to ever play in a Test match.[23][24]


The top five records are listed for each category, except for the team wins, losses and draws and the partnership records. Tied records for fifth place are also included. Explanations of the general symbols and cricketing terms used in the list are given below. Specific details are provided in each category where appropriate. All records include matches played for England only, and are correct as of February 2019.

Symbol Meaning
dagger Player or umpire is currently active in Test cricket
* Player remained not out or partnership remained unbroken
Test cricket record
d Innings was declared (e.g. 903/7d)
Date Starting date of the Test match
Innings Number of innings played
Matches Number of matches played
Opposition The team England was playing against
Period The time period when the player was active in Test cricket
Player The player involved in the record
Venue Test cricket ground where the match was played
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