Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

Lieutenant Governor
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Georgia State Seal
Geoff Duncan

since January 14, 2019
ResidenceNo official residence
AppointerElected by popular vote
Term length4-year term
Inaugural holderGovernment website

The Lieutenant Governor of Georgia is a constitutional officer of the State of Georgia, elected to a 4-year term by popular vote. Unlike in some other U.S. states, the Lieutenant Governor is elected on a separate ticket from the Georgia Governor.

Constitutionally, the Lieutenant Governor's primary job is to serve as President of Georgia's Senate. In the case of incapacity of the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor assumes the powers (but not the title) of the Governor. Should the Governor die or otherwise leave office, the Lieutenant Governor becomes Governor for the remainder of the term of office.

The office of Lieutenant Governor was created by a state constitutional revision in 1945. Prior to that time, Georgia did not have such an office. Elected in 1946 (for a term to begin in 1947) to be Georgia's first Lieutenant Governor, Melvin Thompson became involved in the infamous Three Governors controversy.

The current Lieutenant Governor of Georgia is Republican Geoff Duncan.


Article V, Paragraph IV of the Georgia State Constitution details the qualifications for the office of Georgia's Lieutenant Governor. In order to be eligible for the office a person must have lived in the United States for 15 years and in Georgia for six years and be at least 30 years old.[1] The Lieutenant Governor of Georgia has no restrictions on the number of times he or she can hold the office.[2]