Liberius (praetorian prefect)

Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius
Praetorian Prefect of Italy
In office
Preceded byCaecina Mavortius Basilius Decius
Succeeded byCaecina Decius Faustus Albinus
Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
In office
Preceded byPolemius
Succeeded byOffice abolished
Augustal Prefect of Egypt
In office
c. 538 – 542
Preceded byRudun
Succeeded byAlexander
Personal details
Bornc. 465
Liguria, Roman Italy
Diedc. 554 (aged ~89)
Ariminum, Roman Italy

Petrus Marcellinus Felix Liberius (c. 465 – c. 554) was a Late Roman aristocrat and official, whose career spanned seven decades in the highest offices of both the Ostrogothic Kingdom of Italy and the Eastern Roman Empire. He held the highest governmental offices of Italy, Gaul, and Egypt, "an accomplishment not often recorded – Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte are the only parallels that come to mind!" as James O'Donnell observes in his biographical study of the man.[1]

Origins and family

The exact origin of Liberius is unknown, but it is speculated that he came from Liguria. His family certainly did not belong to the upper senatorial class of Italy.[citation needed] He was married to Agretia, and had several sons and a daughter. Almost nothing is known of them, except that one of his sons, Venantius, was appointed consul in 507 and held the ceremonial office of comes domesticorum vacans some time later.[2]