Legislative Council of Eastern Bengal and Assam

Legislative Council of Eastern-Bengal and Assam

পূর্ব বাংলা এবং আসাম আইন পরিষদ
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Founded18 December 1906 (1906-12-18)
Disbanded18 March 1912 (1912-03-19)
Preceded byBengal Legislative Council
Succeeded byAssam Legislative Council
Bengal Legislative Council
Meeting place
Old Highcourt Bhaban (1).JPG
Government House in Dacca, Eastern Bengal and Assam (now known as Old High Court Building, Dhaka)
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The Legislative Council of Eastern-Bengal and Assam[1] was the legislative council of Eastern Bengal and Assam, a province of the British Indian Empire covering Bangladesh and Northeast India. It would meet in the Government House of Dacca, the provincial capital. Its ex-officio head was the Lieutenant Governor of Eastern Bengal and Assam.[2]


The first Legislative Council was formed under the Indian Councils Act 1892. The Lt. Governor recommended members from the recommendations of District Boards, municipalities, landlords and chambers of commerce. The Lt. Governor required the assent of the Viceroy of India to appoint the nominees. The council was entitled to discuss budgets and make suggestions to the government, but lacked voting powers. Most members of the council were Europeans, with a minority being native Indian subjects.[3]

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