Lake Varese

Varese Lake
Lago di Varese
LocationProvince of Varese, Lombardy
Coordinates45°49′N 8°44′E / 45°49′N 8°44′E / Bardello
Catchment area112 km2 (43 sq mi)
Basin countriesItaly
Surface area14.5 km2 (5.6 sq mi)
Average depth11 m (36 ft)
Max. depth23 m (75 ft)
Residence time1.8 years
Surface elevation238 m (781 ft)

Varese Lake (Italian: Lago di Varese) is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, in the north of Italy. It has an area of 14.5 km², a medium depth of 11 m, and a maximum depth of 23 m. It is known because it hosted the Canoeing European Championships in 2012, the World Rowing Master Regatta in 2013, the World Rowing Under 23 Championships in 2014 and the second Canoeing World Championship in 2015.

Panoramic view of Varese lake from Biandronno
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العربية: بحيرة فاريزي
Чӑвашла: Варезе (кӳлĕ)
čeština: Varese (jezero)
français: Lac de Varèse
italiano: Lago di Varese
ქართული: ვარეზეს ტბა
lietuvių: Varezės ežeras
lumbaart: Lagh de Vares
მარგალური: ვარეზეშ ტობა
Nederlands: Meer van Varese
srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски: Varese (jezero)
中文: 瓦雷澤湖