Alex Fairweather corner in the CBD
Alex Fairweather corner in the CBD
Kroonstad is located in Free State (South African province)
 Kroonstad shown within Free State
Kroonstad is located in South Africa
Kroonstad (South Africa)
Kroonstad is located in Africa
Kroonstad (Africa)
Coordinates: 27°39′S 27°14′E / 27°39′S 27°14′E / -27.650; 27.233
CountrySouth Africa
ProvinceFree State
DistrictFezile Dabi
 • Total89.1 km2 (34.4 sq mi)
Population (2011)[2]
 • Total168,762
 • Density1,900/km2 (4,900/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[2]
 • Black African85.2%
 • Coloured4.0%
 • Indian/Asian0.4%
 • White10.1%
 • Other0.3%
First languages (2011)[2]
 • Sotho73.3%
 • Afrikaans15.8%
 • English3.1%
 • Xhosa2.5%
 • Other5.3%
Time zoneUTC+2 (SAST)
Postal code (street)9499
PO box9500
Area code056
The Sarel Cilliers memorial in the grounds of the NG Moederkerk, Kroonstad. Cilliers is depicted standing on a gun carriage making the Blood River vow.

Kroonstad (Afrikaans for "Crown City") is a large town in the Free State (after Bloemfontein and Welkom) and lies two hours drive from Gauteng. Maokeng is an area within Kroonstad, and is occasionally used as a synonym of the town itself.[3][4] It is the second-largest commercial and urban centre in the Northern Free State (after Welkom), and an important railway junction on the main line from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Maokeng is Sesotho and means "place of the thorn trees (mimosa trees)".[5][6]


Kroonstad was established in 1855[7] by the Irish pioneer Joseph Orpen, and was the first city founded after the independence of the Orange Free State. While Kroon means "crown", this was in fact the name of a horse that had drowned in the nearby ford. A lover of animals, Orpen had witnessed the incident, and named the infant settlement in honour of the unfortunate creature. Similarly, the ford in question came to be known as Kroondrift.[7][8]

During the Second Boer War, from 13 March to 11 May 1900, the town became the capital of the Orange Free State, and subsequently the site of a British concentration camp to accommodate Boer women and children.

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