Kitchen Meeting

In Canadian politics, the Kitchen Meeting [1] is the night of November 4, 1981, when the constitutional act of 1982 had been accepted by the prime minister of Canada Pierre Elliot Trudeau, as well as 9 of the 10 premiers of the provinces, without knowledge of the premier of Quebec René Lévesque, who was sleeping at Hull. [2]

In Quebec, this event is called the Nuit des Longs Couteaux, or "Night of the Long Knives".

Origin of the French expression

The sentence "Nuit des Longs Couteaux", translates to "Night of the Long Knives". It refers to an event that occurred in 1934 in Nazi Germany, during which political individuals who threatened Adolf Hitler's political status were eliminated. The observers of the Canadian constitution negotiations of 1981 coined this expression the day after the deal, which was concluded during the night by the federal government and nine of the ten province governments and without the participation of the Quebec government.

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