Rolls Royce Kamewa 90SII waterjets of a Hamina class missile boat

AB Karlstads Mekaniska Werkstad (trans. Karlstad Mechanical Works Ltd), known as Kamewa, was a Swedish manufacturing company in the city of Kristinehamn. Kamewa started as a brand name of the controllable-pitch propellers manufactured by KMW. KMW was founded in the city of Karlstad in 1860. KMW also manufactured pulp and paper machines for paper mills and hydro power turbines. Kamewa was acquired by the British company Vickers plc in 1986. In 1999, Rolls-Royce acquired Vickers and thus currently owns the Kamewa portfolio.[1] The Swedish part of the business is now called Rolls-Royce AB and is based in Kristinehamn.

Water jets

The Kamewa waterjets are still traded by Rolls-Royce under that name and are offered in four versions:

  • Kamewa A
    100% Aluminium construction, primarily for high performance boats.[2]
  • Kamewa FF[3]
    Small series of waterjets for applications of 3 to 72 tonnes displacement.
  • Kamewa S
    For fast ferry applications,[4] e.g. the Stena HSS operated from Great Britain to Ireland/European continent.
  • Kamewa Advanced Propulsion Systems
    Waterjet developed specifically for the Volvo Penta diesel engine[2]
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