Justiniana Prima

Justiniana Prima
Native name
Serbian: Јустинијана Прима/Justinijana Prima or Царичин Град/Caričin Grad
Царичин град-Caričin grad 2.jpg
Remnants of the city
LocationPrekopčelica, Lebane
Founded535 AD
Built forArchbishopric, Imperial estate
Governing bodyRepublic of Serbia
Official name: Caričin Grad
TypeCultural Heritage of Serbia:
Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance

Justiniana Prima (Latin: Iustiniana Prima, Serbian: Јустинијана Прима/Justinijana Prima or Царичин Град/Caričin Grad) was a Byzantine city that existed from 535 to 615, and currently an archaeological site, near today's Lebane in southern Serbia. It was founded by Emperor Justinian I and served as the seat of an Archbishopric that had jurisdiction of the Central Balkans.

In 1979, Justiniana Prima was added to the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance-list, protected by Republic of Serbia.


The establishment of the Archbishopric is mentioned in Justinian's own Novel XI from 535, when he promotes the Metropolitan to an Archbishop, independent from the Archbishop of Thessalonica. The establishment is seen as part of the feud between Justinian and the Archbishop of Eastern Illyricum, who was a papal vicar.[1]

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