Jefferson High School (Indiana)

Lafayette Jefferson High School
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1801 South 18th Street


Coordinates40°23′53″N 86°52′29″W / 40°23′53″N 86°52′29″W / 40.39806; -86.87472

Jefferson High School (often referred to as "Lafayette Jefferson" or "Lafayette Jeff" or "Jeff") is a high school located in Lafayette, Indiana and administered by the Lafayette School Corporation. Its mascot is the Broncho and its school colors are red and black.


In a meeting held February 10, 1910, Lafayette's school board decided to proceed with construction of a new school to replace the aging and inadequate Lafayette High School at Sixth and Columbia.[2] The new school, a three-story brick building to be named Jefferson High School, was erected in the block between Ninth, Tenth, Elizabeth and Cincinnati Streets. Jefferson opened its doors to students in January 1912 and was formally dedicated April 2. The old high school building at Sixth and Columbia became a vocational school, with classes beginning July 1, 1913.

By the early 1960s, Lafayette's growing population prompted the board to consider either expanding the current school building or constructing a new facility. In 1965 they settled on the latter, and in 1966 a 43-acre (170,000 m2) section of land around the Pythian Home on South 18th Street was purchased to accommodate the project. The new Jefferson High School was dedicated May 24, 1970. The old Jeff building on North Ninth Street served from 1970 to 1982 as Tippecanoe Junior High School (Chargers) and was later occupied by Ivy Tech Community College; most recently it has been converted to apartments for the elderly. The building also served as the annex to local charter elementary school, New Community School, from 2009-2013.

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