Israeli Basketball Premier League

Israeli Basketball Premier League
Official logo of the Israeli Basketball Premier League.png
Founded1953; 66 years ago (1953)
First season1953–54
Country Israel
ConfederationFIBA Europe
Number of teams12
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLiga Leumit
Domestic cup(s)State Cup
SupercupLeague Cup
International cup(s)EuroLeague
Champions League
FIBA Europe Cup
Current championsMaccabi Tel Aviv
(52nd title)
Most championshipsMaccabi Tel Aviv
(52 times)
CEOShmuel Frenkel
2018–19 Israeli Basketball Premier League

Ligat HaAl (Hebrew: ליגת העל‎, lit., Super League or Premier League), or the Israeli Basketball Premier League, is the top-tier level league of professional competition in Israeli club basketball, making it Israel's primary basketball competition. The league's name is abbreviated as either BSL (Basketball Super League) or ISBL (Israeli Basketball Super League). For sponsorship reasons, the league is also referred to as Ligat Winner Sal (Hebrew: ליגת ווינר סל‎), lit. Winner Sal League, with "Winner" being the name of a game operated by the league's primary sponsor, Toto Winner, and "Sal" meaning basket.[1]

The league is run by the Israeli Basketball Super League Administration Ltd.[2]


Ligat HaAl comprises the top twelve basketball clubs in Israel, and was founded in 1954.

The league itself is most known in Europe, due to the success of the Israeli teams in European-wide competitions, such as the EuroLeague, EuroCup (formerly called the ULEB Cup), and FIBA's EuroChallenge (formerly called the FIBA EuroCup). Many non-drafted and free agent players from Europe and the NBA, play in the Israeli league, as an alternative to NBA competition.

The league is the first division in Israeli basketball: the team that finishes last in a season is relegated to the Second Division, while the Second Division's top 8 teams compete in a play-off system right after the end of the regular season, with the team that reaches the finals series being promoted to the Premier League for the following season.

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