Islam in Slovakia

In 2010, there were an estimated 5,000 Muslims in Slovakia representing fewer than 0.1% of the country's population.[2] In the 17th century parts of central and southern Slovakia was occupied by Ottoman Turks and was bonded to the Uyvar Eyalet (along with Eğri Eyalet) for some decades after Turkish settlements were established for example in Novohrad region[citation needed]. Turks also had a suzerainty over the Principality of Upper Hungary, which controlled eastern Slovakia.


Decades after the Hungarian defeat of Mohacs (1526) Turkish troops occupied Štúrovo (Párkány) and other parts of today's southern central Slovakia and encouraged the Protestant Christian groups while Habsburg Austrian troops occupied and recatholized the northern and western parts. Later on the Turks seized some further territories in southern central Slovakia and pillaged in territories up to Nitra. Finally, however, when the Turks lost the Battle of Vienna and the Ottoman vassal Imre Thököly was defeated in Slovakia, between 1687 and 1699 Turkish Ottoman rule in Hungary was finally broken.

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