Institut Catholique de Paris

Institut Catholique de Paris
Institut Catholique de Paris logo.png
Latin: Universitas Catholica Parisiensis
Establishedc. 1875
FounderMgr Maurice d'Hulst
AffiliationCatholic Church
ChancellorCardinal André Vingt-Trois
Academic staff
750 (university only)[1]
48°50′53″N 2°19′47″E / 48°50′53″N 2°19′47″E / 48.84806; 2.32972

The Institut Catholique de Paris (ICP), known in English as the Catholic University of Paris (and in Latin as Universitas catholica Parisiensis), is a private university located in Paris, France.

History : 1875 - present

The Institut Catholique de Paris was founded in 1875, under the name of the Université Catholique de Paris by Maurice Le Sage d'Hauteroche d'Hulst.

The school settled on the site of the former convent of the Carmelites, however the premises were not well adapted. Gabriel Ruprich-Robert developed a new project for the site; however, due to a lack of sufficient funds, he decided to renovate some of the old buildings instead of destroying them. The first phase of the renovation took place between 1894 and 1897. Following the French law establishing the separation of the Church and State, ownership of the premises was given to the State. In 1927, the premises were repurchased by the Institut, allowing the second phase of the renovation to take place between 1929 and 1930, followed by a third phase between 1932 and 1933.[2]

The Neogothlic architectural style is prevalent on the campus.

ICP is a non-for-profit association pursuant to the French Law of 1901, recognized as Promoting Public interest, in 1941.[3]

The current Rector is Bishop Philippe Bordeyne, he has been the Rector of ICP since 2011.[4]

In 2017, there were 10,000 students attending ICP. 2017 also marked the year that ICP inaugurated its renovated campus.[5][6]