Indian Campaign of Ahmad Shah Durrani

Ahmad Shah Durrani raided India for seven times between 1748 to 1767. After the assassination of Nadir Shah, Ahmad Shah Durrani succeeded the throne of Afghanistan and started plundering wealth from nearby regions. He was greatest antagonist of Sikhs. His repeated incursions destroyed Mughal emire and at Panipat, dealt a major blow to Maratha pretensions in North and created a power vacuum , which in the end benefited sikhs inc creation of Sikh Empire. Ahmad Shah Durrani though a successful raider, could never consolidate his raids, because he had to rush back to his country. In spite of stronger military than Sikhs, he couldn't crush them due to internal and domestic disputes.

Objectives of his Indian invasions

The reasons for his invasions to India are -

1) Like Muhammad of Ghazni the primary object of his invasion was to plunder India's wealth. India, at that time, was known for his wealth, gold, precious diamonds etc and also to enslave women, men and children to sell them in the markets of Central Asia.

2) Like Muhammad of Ghor, the object of his invasions was to establish political hegemony in India as he was quite familiar with the weak Mughal administration of Delhi. [1]

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