House of Representatives (Cyprus)

House of Representatives

  • Βουλή των Αντιπροσώπων  (Greek)
  • Temsilciler Meclisi  (Turkish)
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Demetris Syllouris, KA
since 2016
Deputy Speakers
Savvas Kyriakou
Panayotis Koumis
Charalampos Merkis
Konstantinos Fylaktou
Nikitas Kousolos
Nektarios Tzorvas, DISY
Seats80, but only 56 occupied
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Political groups
Government (21)
     DISY (18)
     KA (3)
     AKEL (16)
     DIKO (7)
     EDEK (3)
     KOSP (2)
     ELAM (2)
     DiPa (2)
     SYPOL (1)
     Independents (2)
Open list proportional representation
Last election
22 May 2016
Meeting place
House of Representatives, 1402 Nicosia
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The House of Representatives (Greek: Βουλή των Αντιπροσώπων Voulī́ tōn Antiprosṓpōn; Turkish: Temsilciler Meclisi) is the parliament of the Republic of Cyprus. Members and three observers representing the Armenian, Latin and Maronite minorities are elected by proportional representation every five years. 30% of seats are allocated to the Turkish Cypriot community, but these have been vacant since 1964.


A general election must be held on the second Sunday of the month immediately preceding the month in which the term of office of the outgoing House expires. The outgoing House continues in office until the newly elected House assumes office, but during this time the outgoing House does not have the power to make any laws or to take any decision on any matter, except in urgent and exceptional unforeseen circumstances.

The House may dissolve itself by its own decision before its term of office expires. When it so decides, it must also specify the date of the general elections which must not be less than 30 or more than 40 days from the date of such decision. In the event of the House dissolving itself it must also specify the date for the first meeting of the newly elected House, which must not be later than fifteen days after the general elections.

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