Heracleopolis Magna

Heracleopolis Magna is located in Egypt
Heracleopolis Magna
Shown within Egypt
LocationBeni Suef Governorate, Egypt
Coordinates29°5′8″N 30°56′4″E / 29°5′8″N 30°56′4″E / 29.08556; 30.93444

Location of Heracleopolis

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Heracleopolis Magna (Greek: Μεγάλη Ἡρακλέους πόλις, Megálē Herakléous pólis) or Heracleopolis (Ἡρακλεόπολις, Herakleópolis) is the Roman name of the capital of the 20th nome of ancient Upper Egypt. The site is located approximately 15 km (9.3 mi) west of the modern city of Beni Suef, in the Beni Suef Governorate of Egypt.[1]


In Ancient Egypt, Heracleopolis Magna was known in Demotic as nn nswt Child of the Pharaoh (appearing as hnn nswt or hwt nn nswt). This later developed into Coptic: Ϩⲛⲏⲥ (/ǝhnes/), which was borrowed into early Egyptian Arabic: اهناسAhnās. The site is now known as Ihnasiyyah Umm al-Kimam "Ihnasiyyah, Mother of the Shards" and as Ihnasiyyah al-Madinah "The City of Ihnasiyyah".[1]

The Greek name meant "City of Heracles", with the epithet "great" being added to distinguish it from other towns with that name. The Greek form became more common during the Ptolemaic Kingdom, who came to power after the death of Alexander the Great. The Roman Empire used a latinised form of the Greek name.[2]

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