Henry, Duke of Cornwall

Duke of Cornwall
Born1 January 1511
Richmond Palace, Surrey, England
Died22 February 1511 (aged 52 days)
Richmond Palace, Surrey, England
Burial27 February 1511
FatherHenry VIII of England
MotherCatherine of Aragon

Henry, Duke of Cornwall (1 January – 22 February 1511), was the first child of King Henry VIII of England and his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and though his birth was celebrated as that of the heir apparent, he died within weeks. His death and Henry VIII's failure to produce another surviving male heir with Catherine led to succession and marriage crises that affected the relationship between the English church and Roman Catholicism, giving rise to the English Reformation.

Birth and christening

Henry was born on 1 January 1511 at Richmond Palace, the first live-born child of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, born eighteen months after their wedding and coronation. Catherine had previously given birth to a stillborn daughter, on 31 January 1510.[1] He was christened on 5 January in a lavish ceremony where beacons were lit in his honour. The christening gifts included a fine gold salt holder and cup weighing a total 99 ounces, given by Louis XII of France, his godfather.[2] His other godparents were William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury, and Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy. At the christening, the baby prince's great-aunt Lady Anne Howard stood proxy for Margaret of Habsburg, and Richard Foxe Bishop of Winchester stood proxy for the French King.