Hailuoto — Karlö
Hailuodon kunta
Karlö kommun
Pilot station and lighthouse in Marjaniemi
Pilot station and lighthouse in Marjaniemi
Coat of arms of Hailuoto
Coat of arms
Location of Hailuoto in Finland
Location of Hailuoto in Finland
Coordinates: 65°01′N 024°43′E / 65°01′N 024°43′E / 65.017; 24.717UTC+3 (EEST)
Municipal tax rate[5]19.25%
Official nameBird Wetlands of Hailuoto Island
Designated2 February 2004
Reference no.1505[6]

Hailuoto (Swedish: Karlö) is an island and a municipality in Northern Ostrobothnia region, Finland. The population of Hailuoto is 976 (January 31, 2019)[2] and the municipality covers an area of 200.53 km2 (77.43 sq mi) (excluding sea areas) of which 1.70 km2 (0.66 sq mi) is inland water (January 1, 2018).[1] The population density is 4.87/km2 (12.6/sq mi).

Hailuoto is located on an island of the same name opposite the city of Oulu in the Gulf of Bothnia. A ferry operates regularly between Hailuoto and Oulunsalo. In winter an official ice road connects the island to the mainland.

Land in the region is constantly rising due to post-glacial rebound. It is estimated that the first parts of Hailuoto appeared from the Baltic Sea about 1700 years ago. The current island of Hailuoto was formed from many smaller islands. Two large sections, Santonen and Hanhinen merged into the main island (Luoto) only about two centuries ago. The island is continuously expanding and eventually it will join with the continent. Kirkkosalmi, a wetland region between Hanhinen and Luoto is renowned for being an important bird refuge where rare bird species are observed.


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