Gwanak District


관악구 · 冠岳區
Seoul National University
Location of Gwanak-gu in Seoul
Location of Gwanak-gu in Seoul
CountrySouth Korea
Special CitySeoul
Administrative dong21
 • Total29.57 km2 (11.42 sq mi)
 • Total520,849
 • Density18,000/km2 (46,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Korea Standard Time)
Postal code
08700 ~ 08899
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Gwanak District (Gwanak-gu) is an administrative subdivision (gu) of Seoul, South Korea. It lies on the southern skirt of Seoul, bordering Anyang of Gyeonggi Province. The southern border of Gwanak-gu, bordering Anyang, consists of the craggy ridgeline of Gwanaksan (Mt. Gwanak), which dominates the local geography.

Originally a part of Siheung, Gyeonggi, it was transferred to Seoul with the rapid expansion of the National Capital Area and its population growth in 1960s. Partitioned from Yeongdeungpo District and established as a district in 1973, it now neighbours the Seocho, Dongjak, Guro and Geumcheon Districts, and exercises jurisdiction over 21 neighbourhoods (dong), with a population of 500,000.


Gwanak District is densely populated with over 500,000 people. While it was once a rural area dominated by the presence of Gwanaksan (Mt. Gwanak), population booms in the late 1950s and early 1960s, accompanied by rapid industrialization of the capital area, quickly changed the town into a mosaic of dense residential and industrial areas. Large slum quarters were formed by migrant populations from all over Korea who sought jobs in industrialized Seoul. A series of redevelopment projects from 1970's, and the relocation of Seoul National University to the district, led to a reduction of slum quarters and indigent textile industries and transformed the town into a residential uptown neighborhood of Seoul. The area is also heavily populated by university students from surrounding provinces.

Commercial zones

Central commercial zones include the Seorim and Daehak area and the Cheongnyong area near Seoul National University. These areas also form a large zone of private dormitories and small houses, which primarily target university students and national examination takers (gosi-saeng) looking for an environment that is favorable for studying. Restaurants, supermarkets, bars and pubs in the area are centered in Nokdu Street (Nokdu-geori) in the Daehak area and near Seoul National University Station. Other commercial zones for residents are located along the Nambu Beltway and two main roads.

The main shopping district, the Bongcheon Central Market (Bongcheon-jungang-sijang), is positioned in Jungang Neighbourhood, north from Seoul National University Station.

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