Location Frisia.svg

Frisia in Northwestern Europe

Stateless nationFrisians
Area13,482.73 km2 (5,205.71 sq mi)
Density197/km2 (510/sq mi)
LanguagesWest Frisian
North Frisian
Saterland Frisian
Low Saxon (Friso-Saxon)
Dutch (West Frisian Dutch, Stadsfries)
German (Missingsch)
Danish (Sønderjysk)
Main religionProtestant (Catholic in Saterland)
Time zone
 • Summer
* Integrated parts of the Netherlands and Germany respectively, but with varying degrees of autonomy for the Frisian population.

Frisia (West Frisian: Fryslân, Dutch and German: Friesland[1]) is a coastal region along the southeastern corner of the North Sea in what today is mostly a large part of the Netherlands, including modern Friesland and smaller parts of northern Germany. Frisia is the traditional homeland of the Frisians, Germanic people who speak Frisian languages, which together with Anglic languages (English and Scots) form the Anglo-Frisian language group.


The names for "Frisia" in the local languages are (by direct translation and written in the related orthographic system):

The traditional meaning of these terms in the particular varieties rarely refers to the region Frisia as it is discussed in this article. Usually it is restricted to the local area and sometimes to something else, e.g. for the people of the North Frisian islands, Frisia and the Frisians are the area and the people on the mainland and in the Saterland the term Fräislound especially denotes to East Frisia.[2]

When the French occupied the Netherlands, the name for the Frisian department was Frise. In English, both terms, Frisia and Friesland are used.

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العربية: فريزيا
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