Frida Alexandr

Frida Alexandr
BornFrida Schweidson
December 29, 1906
Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
DiedJune 1972 (age 65)
São Paulo, Brazil
SubjectRussian-Jewish emigrants to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, early 20th century
Notable worksFilipson, Memórias da primeira colônia judaica no Rio Grande do Sul (1967)
SpouseBoris Alexandr

Frida Alexandr (December 29, 1906 – June 1972)[1] was a Brazilian Jewish homemaker, volunteer, and author. Her only published work, Filipson, Memórias da primeira colônia judaica no Rio Grande do Sul (Filipson: Memories of the First Jewish Colony in Rio Grande do Sul) (1967) describes the Jewish immigrant farming colony established in the Brazilian countryside of Rio Grande do Sul in the early 20th century. She was the first woman to publish stories about Jewish immigrants living in Brazil's farmlands,[2] and the only woman from Filipson to write about the colony from a first-hand perspective.[1]


Frida Schweidson was the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants who had come to Brazil with the support of the Jewish Colonization Association.[1][3] She was born and raised on her parents' farm, which was named Filipson, and was educated in the school run by the colonists.[1]

In her late teens she married Boris Alexandr, a Russian immigrant, and moved to São Paulo, where he played piano in silent-movie theaters.[1][4] They had two sons and a daughter.[2] In São Paulo she became an active volunteer for the Women's International Zionist Organization (WIZO). She wrote her only book, Filipson, as a WIZO project.[1] She began writing the book at the request of her children, who had heard her stories of growing up when they were younger.[2][5] She began writing the memoir 20 years after she had left Filipson, and completed it 20 years later.[5] A few copies of the first edition were sold, but most were donated for charity. No subsequent editions were published.[1][6]

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