Floral emblem

In a number of countries, plants have been chosen as symbols to represent specific geographic areas. Some countries have a country-wide floral emblem; others in addition have symbols representing subdivisions. Different processes have been used to adopt these symbols – some are conferred by government bodies, whereas others are the result of informal public polls. The term floral emblem, which refers to flowers specifically, is primarily used in Australia and Canada. In the United States, the term state flower is more often used.

National flowers



The national flower of Mauritius is Trochetia boutoniana.[1] Lotus "Nelumbo nucifera".


The national flower of the Seychelles is Angraecum eburneum, the tropicbird orchid (known locally as orkid payanke).[2]

South Africa

The national flower of South Africa is the King Protea (Protea cynaroides).[3]


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