Five regent houses

The five regent houses (五摂家; go-seike or go-sekke) is a collective term for five families of the Fujiwara clan.[1] The leaders of these families monopolized the position of Sekkan in the Japanese Imperial Court of Kyoto between the 12th and 19th century. The five houses are Konoe,[2] Takatsukasa,[3] Kujō,[4] Ichijō,[5] and Nijō.[6]

The Fujiwara clan also had other families, but traditionally only these five were eligible for regentship. They were the most politically powerful families among the kuge (court officials).[7]

As the imperial clan claimed descent from the goddess Amaterasu, in the Fujiwara tradition the clan descended from another ancient kami, Ame-no-Koyane. Apparently, only these two clans were left in the modern era to claim kami descent.[citation needed]

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