Estremaúra  (Extremaduran)
Anthem: Himno de Extremadura
Map of Extremadura
Location of Extremadura within Spain
Coordinates: 39°N 6°W / 39°N 6°W / 39; -6

Extremadura (ə/, Spanish: [e(ɣ)stɾemaˈðuɾa]; Extremaduran: Estremaúra [eʰtːɾemaˈuɾa]; Fala: Extremaúra; Portuguese: Estremadura) is an autonomous community of the western Iberian Peninsula whose capital city is Mérida, recognised by the Statute of Autonomy of Extremadura. It is made up of the two largest provinces of Spain: Cáceres and Badajoz. It is bordered by the provinces of Salamanca and Ávila (Castile and León) to the north; by provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real (Castile–La Mancha) to the east, and by the provinces of Huelva, Seville, and Córdoba (Andalusia) to the south; and by Portugal to the west. Its official language is Spanish.

It is an important area for wildlife, particularly with the major reserve at Monfragüe, which was designated a National Park in 2007, and the International Gobierno de Extremadura.

The Day of Extremadura is celebrated on 8 September. It coincides with the Catholic festivity of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Extremadura is contained between 37° 57′ and 40° 85′ N latitude, and 4° 39′ and 7° 33′ W longitude.

The area of Extremadura is 41,633 km2 (16,075 sq mi), making it the fifth largest of the Spanish autonomous communities.

It is located in the Southern Plateau (a subdivision of the Central Plateau).


Towering over 2,400 m, the Calvitero is considered to be the Extremadura's highest point.

In the north is the Sistema Central with the highest point in Extremadura, 2,401 m (7,877 ft) high Calvitero. The main subranges of the Sistema Central in Extremadura are the Sierra de Gata and Sierra de Béjar.

In the centre is the Sierra de las Villuercas, which reaches an altitude of 1,603 m (5,259 ft) on the Pico de las Villuercas. Other notable ranges are Sierra de Montánchez and the Sierra de San Pedro, which form part of the greater Montes de Toledo system.[2]

To the south rises the Sierra Morena, which separates Extremadura from Andalusia, and the Sierra de Tentudía, with the highest peak in Extremadura as Pico Tentudía at 1,104 m (3,622 ft).


The Garganta de Cuartos in northeastern Extremadura

There are four different hydrographic basins:

  • The basin of the Tagus (Spanish: Tajo), with two principal tributaries: on the right, the Tiétar and the Alagón; and on the left, the Almonte, Ibor, Salor and the Sever. The tributaries on the right edge carry a large quantity of water, which feed the gorges of the Sistema Central where the rainfall is abundant and the winter brings a great quantity of snow.
  • The basin of the Guadiana, which has principal tributaries: to the right: Guadarranque and Ruecas to the left: Zújar River which is its plentiful tributary and the Matachel.
  • The basin of the Guadalquivir with only 1,411 km2 (545 sq mi) in Extremadura (2.45% of total).
  • The basin of the Douro (Spanish: Duero) with only 35 km2 (14 sq mi) in Extremadura (0.04% of its basin).
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