Empress Wang (Ping)

Empress Wang
Born8 BC
Died23 AD (aged 29–30)
Weiyang Palace, Chang'an, Xin Dynasty
SpouseEmperor Ping of Han
HouseHouse of Wang (by birth)
House of Liu (by marriage)
FatherWang Mang
MotherLady Wang

Empress Wang (王皇后, personal name unknown) (8 BC – AD 23), formally Empress Xiaoping (孝平皇后), formally during her father Wang Mang's Xin Dynasty Duchess Dowager of Ding'an (定安太后) then Princess Huanghuang (黃皇室主) was an empress during the Han Dynasty—the last of the Western Han Dynasty—who was the daughter of the eventual usurper Wang Mang. Her husband was Emperor Ping. She is largely viewed by historians as a tragic figure, the victim of circumstances, who tried to remain loyal to her husband of only a few years, but whose faithfulness eventually forced her to let herself die at the end of her father's reign.[clarification needed]

Family background

Empress Wang was born in 8 BC, to Wang Mang and his wife Lady Wang, the daughter of Wang Xian (王咸) the Marquess of Yichun. By the time of her birth, her father had resigned from his powerful position as commander of the armed forces, which he held under his cousin Emperor Cheng and briefly under Emperor Cheng's successor and nephew Emperor Ai. Her father was hated by Emperor Ai's grandmother Grand Empress Dowager Fu. However, in 1 BC, after Emperor Ai's death, Wang Mang's aunt Grand Empress Dowager Wang seized power back from Emperor Ai's male favorite (and probable lover) Dong Xian and recalled Wang Mang to serve as regent to her stepgrandson, the young Emperor Ping.

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