Emperor Xizong of Jin

Emperor Xizong of Jin
Wanyan Hela.jpg
Emperor of the Jin dynasty
Reign10 February 1135 – 9 January 1150
PredecessorEmperor Taizong of Jin
SuccessorWanyan Liang
Born(1119-02-28)28 February 1119
Died9 January 1150(1150-01-09) (aged 30)
SpouseEmpress Daoping
Consort Xian
Consort De
Lady Jiagu
Lady Zhang
Lady Peiman
Zhao Jingu
Zhao Saiyue
Zhao Feiyan
Zhao Yuqiang
Zhao Yupan
Zhao Jinnu
Zhao Chuanzhu
Zhao Jinyin
Zhao Tanxiang
Wanyan Ji'an
Wanyan Daoji
Princess of Zheng
Princess of Ji
Princess of Dai
Princess of Liang
Princess of Shen
Full name
Wanyan Dan (sinicised name)
Hela (Jurchen name)
Era dates
Tianhui (天會; 1135–1138)
Tianjuan (天眷; 1138–1141)
Huangtong (皇統; 1141–1149)
Posthumous name
Emperor Hongji Zuanwu Zhuangjing Xiaocheng (弘基纘武莊靖孝成皇帝) (after 1179)
Emperor Wuling (武靈皇帝) (1161–1179)
Prince Donghun (東昏王) (1150–1161)
Temple name
Xizong (熙宗) (after 1187)
Minzong (閔宗) (1161–1187)
FatherWanyan Zongjun
MotherLady Pucha
Emperor Xizong of Jin
Traditional Chinese合剌
Simplified Chinese合剌
Wanyan Dan
Traditional Chinese完顏亶
Simplified Chinese完颜亶

Emperor Xizong of Jin (28 February 1119 – 9 January 1150), personal name Hela, sinicised name Wanyan Dan, was the third emperor of the Jurchen-led Jin dynasty, which ruled northern China between the 12th and 13th centuries. He reigned for about 15 years from 1135 to 1150. During his reign, the Jin dynasty launched several military campaigns against the Han Chinese-led Southern Song dynasty in southern China.

Early life

Hela was the eldest son of Shengguo (繩果; also known as Wanyan Zongjun 完顏宗峻), the eldest son of Aguda (Emperor Taizu), the founder and first emperor of the Jin dynasty. His mother was Lady Pucha (蒲察氏), whom he posthumously honoured as "Empress Huizhao" (惠昭皇后). When Emperor Taizu died in 1123, the throne was passed on to his younger brother, Wuqimai (Emperor Taizong). Wanyan Zonghan and Wanyan Xiyin, who used to be Emperor Taizu's chief advisers, convinced Emperor Taizong to designate Hela as his heir apparent (anban bojilie; 諳班勃極烈) in 1132, so Hela became the new emperor in 1135 when Emperor Taizong died.[1]